We share this land with many creatures (deer, fox, turtles, frogs, rabbits, hawk, herons…) and visitors. These rules are intended to facilitate a peaceful and joyful environment.

*Random acts of kindness are encouraged.

*All laws of Canada and the Province of Ontario apply.

*Local by-laws require noise restrictions between 11pm and 7 am.

*Underage drinking/illegal drug use is not permitted.

*No aggressive, sexually aggressive or inappropriate behaviour will be tolerated. Anyone acting with disrespect to the land or its visitors will be asked to leave without refund.

*Sorry, pets are not permitted during event camping.  Guide dogs excepted.

*No smoking allowed in any of the buildings. In other areas, please be considerate and use the butt cans provided.

*Please take your garbage and recycling home with you. Mythwood staff may do a daily garbage and recycling run at $3  per garbage bag and $2  per recycling. Please help keep the campground a thriving nature retreat.

*Parents are responsible for their children (under the age of 18) at all times.

*Unattended children will be given to the Goblin King.

*No amplified music without prior permission (ie stage events…)

*Please do not litter. And please pick up any litter you may find.

*Please respect the neighbours and stay within the Mythwood property lines. Trespassing will result in immediate eviction.

*Please respect the art, shrines, and sacred spaces. Do not alter them. Do not create new spaces without express permission from Mythwood coordinators.

*The Forbidden Forest is protected environmental space. Absolutely no fires, litter, or motorized vehicles allowed.

*Please do not photograph visitors without their prior and clear consent.

*Absolutely no recording devices, phones, cameras, computers, Ipads, or laptops (…) permitted at the fire pit.


Waterfront Rules

*Swim at your own risk.

* Absolutely no swimming or boating at night.

*The pond is clothing-required and the lake is clothing-optional

* Children under 16  at the pond or lake, must be supervised by a responsible adult .

* Please do not use detergents, soap, shampoo (even bio-degradable) in the pond or lake.  The water is home to fish, turtles and many species of birds.

 Fire Rules

* No glass on beaches or at the fire pits.

* Campfires are restricted to the existing fire pits and must be attended at all times. It is not permitted to dig or create any additional fire pits.

*Due to Ontario regulations, firewood from outside the immediate vicinity is not permitted on-site. This is to stop the spread of Emerald Ash Borer and Asian Longhorn Pine beetle.

*Please make sure  fires are completely out before leaving the area.

* If the season is unusually dry, it may be necessary to restrict use. Check posted signs for conditions.


Camping etc

*Limit 1 car per campsite. All other vehicles are to be parked in the parking lot. Do not drive near buildings or across the grass.

*Store all food in animal-proof containers as animals will break into tents, trailers and open vehicles.

*RVs and trailers in designated areas only.

*Mythwood Campground Limited, its Shareholders, Management or Employees, will not be held responsible for any liability, including but not limited to, accidents, lost articles, injury or theft.

*Please remember that this is private land. We reserve the right to evict anyone breaking the above rules, including any public notice posted at the office or notice board, or any other Provincial Law; and/or anyone  or causing danger or disruption of any kind, immediately and without refund.